Donate bras to support sex trafficking victims with Free the Girls

Every year or so, I do a bra drawer purge to replace bras that no longer fit or just aren’t comfortable (although I’m trying to cut down on buying those in the first place!)

I wasn’t sure about donating the used ones that were still in good condition, until I found an amazing non-profit, Free the Girls:

Free The Girls is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to coming alongside sex trafficking survivors with a path to true freedom. It’s a journey from horrific trauma to reintegrating into the life they were meant to live within their family and community. Our goal for true freedom is measured by economic freedom, restored health, social well-being, education, and opportunity for a different, hopeful future.

The organization collects new and gently used bras (including nursing and sports bras), then provides them to sex trafficking victims in El Salvador, Mozambique, and Uganda to help them independently earn income and rebuild their lives.

Image credit: Free the Girls Facebook page

It’s super easy to donate: check out their drop-off location list to see if there’s one near you, or mail them in (you’ll have to pay for shipping, but you can recycle an old box or bubble mailer).

I’m sending two bras in today. I’m so glad that I’ve found a way to “recycle” something I don’t have any use for, in a way that will directly help others.

Want to help me raise $100 to donate to Free the Girls?
Contribute to my fundraiser

Know of any other unusual recycling programs? Let me know – I’d love to try them out!


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